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Name or lj handle: visual_shadow

Age: 22

City/State/Country of residence: Munster, IN

URL (if you have a web site): Myspace.

Length of time in the scene: That depends on what "scene" you mean. To me there is a difference between "scene Goths" and just generally being Goth. "Scene Goths" in my opinion have always been the ones who dress up and go to clothes and when not talking "smack" about others, dance a whole lot. Those who are generally Goth make a life style out of it.

Occupation: I work at a theater.

Education/academic achievement: I graduated high school in '03 and I have a couple years of college under my belt.

Musical taste and favorite bands: Death in June, NON, Sopor Aeternus, Dancing Did, Bauhaus, The Cure, Fields of the Nephilim, PiL, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Cocteau Twins are a very short list of what I like go to my profile to view the rest.

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: Goth and deathrock (without looking like a Johnny Slut clone) generally.

Hobbies, activities, interests: Reading, writing, making art of some kind, smoking, listening to music, contemplating killing people, thinking, studying, eating, watching T.V. and movies.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): Not Paganism. lol Philiosophical wise I'm very cynical and nihilistic.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): Make enough money to be comfortable, get married, then die.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not? Yes, because well look at me!

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic? I *think* 7 years ago, or at least that. I stopped keeping count.

In your opinion, what is Goth? If you ask ten different Goths you'll get twn different answers. I'll throw out a really cliche answer and just say its a "state of mind", but thats not really accurate is it? It goes back to me talking about the differences between "scene Goths" and just plain "Goths". To some people its all about the music, others about fashion, and to others its about being a spooky social butterfly at clubs, events, and concerts. To answer your question though Goth to me is a subculture that started in 1979 were people wear a lot of black listen to post-punk and art-punk and be spooky, of course thats only the earliest type of Goth and the subculture has changed a lot since then and blah blah blah I'm not giving a lession on Goth 101. lol

And all that is what Goth is to me.

Any Additional comments: I wish someone would drool on my face.

Picture: Coming soon, but for now just look at my icon.
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