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Name or lj handle: Lisa. PurpleBat1982. aol: LadyLaraHCroft


Age: 23

City/State/Country of residence: Fife, Scotland

URL (if you have a web site): i have some

Length of time in the scene: complicated,i've always been goth inside & had the "black phase" when i was about 11, & have always found everything "goth" interesting & reverted in & out. But i got more into the scene properly about 2 years ago.i don't do nightclubs,(if thats whats ment) i feel like i'm too old for it, i prefer going to the pub.

Occupation: Fashion Business Student, artist, aspiring author & newbie alt model

Education/academic achievement:                                                                                                                 1 year nursary school                                                                                                                                   7 years primary school                                                                                                                                 5 years high school ( 8 GCSE's, 7 National Certificate Modules, 1 short course)                                           2 years college Art & Design (National Certificate)                                                                                       1 &1/2 years college Business Administration (National Certificate & Higher National certificate module)                                                                                                                                                       1 year college Fashion Business (Higher National Certificate) i go back for another year in september(Higher National Diploma)& then 4 years at university (Degree).

Musical taste and favorite bands: goth rock, alternative rock, 50's swing, 80's pop, 80's new romantic, 80's electro, metal, ambiant horror, 70's & 80's rock, mowtown, some rap & rnb. some stuff i listen to is: The Rasmus, Aha, H.I.M, The Cure, Savage Garden, Michael Jackson, White Snake, The Rat Pack, Darren Hayes, Billy Idol, Adam & The Ants, Culture Club, The Smiths, tATu, Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte, Green Day, The Jackson 5, Cindy Lauper, Black Sabbath, Nightwish, 3T, Julliet & the Licks, Deep Purple, Kelly Osbourne, Barry Manillow, Midnight Syndicate, Korn, U2, Forigner, 5 Star, Kajigoogoo, Cher, Linkin Park, Eveanescence, Pink, Amy Studt. i listen to everything from Dean Martin to the Kidney Theivs really. i HATE stuff like like Britney Spears, or Slipknot, Westlife, Robbie Williams or Placebo i don't like it.

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:  naturally VERY pale & i try to avoid the sun since i burn.5 tattoos with more planned. labrette (middle lip peircing).ALWAYS wear newrock boots with everything,corsets/basks,floor length skirts,riped fishnet,lots of bangles,usually only wear black or purple or black with purple accessories or bright pink accesories. a lot of things with d-rings & chains on them, studded jewellry,puter bat tied on neck, dog collars, & layered necklaces(not too many i don't do the mrT thing lol),i have purple,magenta pink & bluest black hair with an undercut. some days i wear full legth mercy skirts, other days i'm in tripp nyc mini skirts, on occaisons i wear criminal damage skater pants, slogan baby doll t-shirts, omen mesh tops, corsets, gypsy skirts, it depends on my mood i like a lot of accessories & enjoy clothes.

Hobbies, activities, interests:  i'm a Tomb Raider Obsessive. i love to draw & paint & write. going long walks up the woods, collect pictures of alternative models from online, purple things, bats. angelina jolie movies, horror movies, clothes,candel magik,Tim Burton movies, alternative fashion, reading, pen pals, surfing the net, video games, ghosts, La Fee vert, climbing, fighting, eyptology, tattoos, shopping, water balloon fights, going to the cinema, going to the pub, researching stuff, modeling, music, singing, vampires, parahnormal, knives, bb guns, shopping, myths & legends, hamsters...are they a hobbie? i love hamsters. i have a website but it needs updating desperatly, gothic beauty magazine i LOVE it. i like to do housework for my grandad, something thereputic about vaccuming.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): i'm a less active Latter Day Saint, Morrmon. from a non practising protestant family (my dads family are catholic). religiously i guess i'm a bit of a mutt. i do believe that everyone has their own truth & religion is a personal thing, i respect ALL religions & find religion as a whole fasinating. i think that religious ignorance causes a lot of preduduce, & hatred. we will all find out who's right when we're dead huh, so why fight about who's religion is right & who's is wrong. i also see dead people...no seriously, i have a male presence (not very nice) that has been with me since i was a child, i saw my gran, i get breez's of floral smells passing me, theres a black cat runs around my living room, & theres a female presence that likes to turn my tv off.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):  do degree in fashion business, have own business in fashion & accesories, continue selling my artwork, do modeling, write my tomb raider book & gothic fairy tales book, go back to church, do rock climbing, body combat, kick boxing, learn to ride a horse, see the world, get married, have a nice house (my version of nice), do a degree & mabe further in egyptology, go on an archeology dig, buy a lizard some more hamsters, 2 rats, a gunia pig & a chinchilla. be happy. see the world, try out lots of different things. i don't wanna be rich, i don't wanna be famous. i wanna be prosperous & happy making money from things i like doing & sharing my life with the man that i love. 

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?   i consider myself to be ME 1st & gothic 2nd. goth is such a varied thing now, i wouldn't say i was traditional goth, or vampire goth, or cyber goth, & i hate to be tared with the same brush as moshers & skatergoths & the slipknot hoodie crew. i'm appreciative of the darker sides of human nature & of the world, i find a lot of unconventional things beautiful, like tattoos , bats, peircings, coloured hair, night time, pumpkins, halloween sterio type items, underlying things...like...things that society know are their but prefer to sweap under the carpet. i like to ask questions rather than accept things, i like to be creative, & i LOVE alternative fashions. silly things like...some people think the movie the crow is a horror movie but i see it as a love story, i think vampires are romantic, i find people in heavy dark make up sexy.is that goth in your opinion? well i am what i am. i have a diary entry on it here: a sterio typical gothic day lol. (saturday july 16 2005)

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?  it's something inside me. it's always been there...ask my mum lol. like i explained earlyer about how long, i gues thats how why & when.i don't do it as a social thing, most of my friends are so called mainstreamers so i don't do it to be like them either, i'm not trying to be different either cuz the more you proffess to be different the more you look like most goths anyway, life would be so much simpler if i wore jeans & t-shirts that say "princess" on them since i live in a small town (very narrow minded), i don't chose to be what i am, i just chose to be myself rather than hide it. it's just something i am.

In your opinion, what is Goth?  again see: a sterio typical gothic day lol. (saturday july 16 2005) to me, it is a wide vary of things. but a culture, a lifestyle with it's own media, literature, films, some could say music too, fashions. i think goth is something you don't chose to be, it's something you are. like being gay i guess you are what you are but wether you chose to embrace what you are or show it to the world is the choice that you do have. it's a generaly misrepresented, missunderstood, culture stigmatised with ideas of satanism, & violent suicidal teens, a phase, a fashion, & little kids calling people townies doesn't help :o) goth is so diverse there's no one thing that identifys everyone together. i don't do things because someone might consider them goth &  i wouldn't do something to conform to a collective groups opinion ...even goth. goth by other names has been around for centuarys.

Any Additional comments:  my mother loves that i am goth, she loves the clothes & the make up & thinks the dodgie looks i get when we're out shopping are funny. she clings onto my arm sometimes when i'm getting dodgie looks & says "yes she's mine & she's beautiful" lol lol. it's great to have a supportive Parent...plus it's funny lol.

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