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Gothicfest Update

Gothicfest has just sold 2000,00 tickets...wow! Fallen Eve 1334 will be hosting with Sludge from morning 94.7 the zone and EXV YZ from Finland as well...doing giveways from Metropolis Records, Underground Inc, Arsenic Fashions, Paul C. Leather, Underground Aristrocracy and various others...go to http://www.gothicfest for all givewaways and more info about this awesome event!
Metropolis Records and Underground Inc giveaways include The birthday Massacre cd's and Critical Mass Collection 2 cd's, summer sampler for all Underground Inc artists as well as free various posters from Metropolis Records for various artists consisting of Grendyl, Dismantled, Project Pitchfork, Combichrist,Wumpcut and various others...too exciting to even explain...come to Gothicfest to get lots of goodies...and maybe even to win a free all expense trip to Transylvania and a visit to Vlad the Impaler's (Dracula's) castle as mentioned through history.
Tickets for Gothicfest are available through all ticketmasters, event is all ages and is $32.50. This event is all ages and starts from 11 in the morning till 12 midnight on Saturday, September 17th, 2005.
Terminal Bliss, Ghost Orgy and Rachael's Surrender has been added to the bill.
Vendors still needed contact the website if you want to vend.
Ninety Ninth Floor, Gothic Council of Chicago, Fangoria Magazine, Nicolaus Paccione, Paul C. Leather, Vampire wine and energy drinks, Mk Ultra Magazine, Lollypop Magazine, De Facto Clothing, Heavy Red, The Dungeon, Projekt Records and various more expected to vend.
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