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A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Saturday, September 7th, 2013
5:38 am - WFKU Dark Alternative Internet Radio

WFKU is a worldwide dark internet radio station. We pride ourselves on uniting the dark music scene with class, passion, and dedication. Not only do we serve those who follow the goth scene, but we also take pride in the fact that we deliver great music to anyone with a little internal rhythm of the darkest kind of nature. Graveyard lovers, straight up business-people, and anyone with a taste for the Macabre is welcome. Now Featuring Gothgram The Realtime Gothic Photo Feed

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Thursday, March 31st, 2011
3:55 pm

 Name or lj handle: Aytakk

Age: 33

City/State/Country of residence: Adelaide,Australia

URL (if you have a web site): vampirefreaks.com/aytakk
 - that one will do

Length of time in the scene:
About 14 years


Education/academic achievement:  
TAFE (Cert IV in IT)

Musical taste and favorite bands:
Goth rock, industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Darkwave, Coldwave, Power Noise, Chiptunes, Aggrotech, internet memes, music that is funny or takes the piss

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:
Daywear its usually black/cammo t shirt/wifebeater, black/cammo pants or shorts and boots, shes or sandals (looking after kids best to keep it simple). Going out I have a mix of stuff ranging from PVC clothes (jackets (long and short), skirts,pants, top), leather jacket, trenchcoat (airman's jacket and leather), a pirate shirt, fishnet tops/stockings, gloves (long satin, leather, fingerless leather). I have done a complete female crossdress on occasion. Some odd items I wear sometimes include a cyberhawk (bought from Angelspit's website back when they made them), Belgian WW2 gas mask, East German army helmet, German Airforce Officer's hat, motorcycle goggles, top hat, spiky collar, steel boned black satin gentleman's coset (cost a bundle but was well worth it). Losts of silver/pewter jewelery with stuff like spiders, bats, ankhs. I tend to alternate between fetish, rivethead and trad goth looks - see my photos on VF for more detail.

Hobbies, activities, interests:
Music - I have 2 solo music projects, one goth/darkwave, the other industrial/aggrotech I record for. I have been playing bass guitar since I was 10, guitar since I was 15 , singing most my life and I can play a little drums too. I also DJ/organise local dark alternative events.
Other interests - Internet/computers, retrogaming, looking after family (I have 3 kids - 2 are special needs so it takes up a lot of my time)  

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any):
What I believe in is sort of a cross between Buddhism and Laveyanism

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):
Work in the music industry, record more music, I'm slowly building a music importing business called Torment Records, grow the local dark alternative scene.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?
Yes and no. When I started in the mid 90s I was exposed to goth and industrial and I developed a taste for both. Took a long time to gain acceptance in the local scene because they couldn't work out what I was. I think after sticking it out so long they eventually just gave up.  I guess it depends on who you talk to as one guy I know who is almost 50 and was into goth in the 80s sees me as a rivethead with a big interest in goth music (I'd imagine most traditioal goths would view me in such a manner) while locally in industrial circles I'm a goth. While I play goth and industrial music when DJing I do tend to get typecast more as an industrial DJ. 

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?
I first started talking to goths online around 1996. I found them interesting and many thought the way I did. From there I went to a local meet and we went out into town afterwards to a goth/industrial event. The music hooked me in and I liked the general style. From there I started going to more local events and listening to the local goth/darkwave radio show. I also learned that I'd been listening to industrial music (before I even knew it was industrial) since I was about 15. From there it was just a matter of going to events, talking to people, learning more about the music and subculture and finding my own style.

In your opinion, what is Goth? I
ts a subculture and genre of music with a rich history and interesting people. For me I met the people first and discovered the music second so the people aspect is very important. While it was great to find like-minded people the music grabbed me when I first heard it and made me want to hear more. I've never been one to focus on the fashion-side so much as I see it as an extension of the music mixed with personal style preferences. 

Any Additional comments:
A lot has changed in the goth subculture over the years and there are a lot of misconceptions out there. I don't believe we have enough actual goths in the city I live in to constitute an actual goth scene anymore. I prefer to call what we have "Dark Alternative" as its a blend of various alternative subcultures.
I think a lot of what people call goth is in reality dark alternative (ie - metal music people mistake as goth). Why this has happened I think has to do with people seeming to be more interested in social climbing and being seen than a passion for goth music. I'd love to run a proper goth night like I experienced in the 90s but I don't think people would be interested and it wouldn't make enough money to survive. Industrial on the other hand I believe can stand up on its own. Most local events are mixed genre with a little of something for everyone. Hey its better than nothing at all. For a city of a million people in population decline we aren't doing bad. 

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Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
5:11 pm

Name or lj handle:
Olivera, lj: oliverastudio


City/State/Country of residence:
Belgrade, Serbia, Europe - a Goth place for itself. (wonder why? Have your city ever been bombed? Got the picture...)

URL (if you have a web site):

Length of time in the scene:
We didn't actually have had a Black Metal scene at the time. I was into heavy metal crowd, but everyone knew my favourite was black metal. Goth rock scene was present at the time, but it was too soft for me. Now, being an artist helps me be accepted for who I am. However, it wasn't always like that. I used to have corporate job, dressing similarly to forensic girl from NCIS. It was very interesting since I was expert in my job as well...

Freelance painter, illustrator, concept artist

Education/academic achievement:
Belgrade College of Fine And Applied Arts (BA); major in Art Education and Picture Books.

Musical taste and favourite bands:
Classical music: Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Wagner; Hard Rock, Goth Rock, Black Metal, Byzantine, Ambient, Chill Out; Hungry Lucy, Massive Attack, Portishead, Evanesence, Sirenia, A Perfect Circle, David Bowie, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Enya, Bauhaus, Bel Canto, Metalllica, Faith No More, Hideyo Blackmoon, LadyParasyte, Zero 7... I used to listen My Dying Bride literary all the time; Folk: Celtic, Native American

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:
I am RomantiGoth with fantasy and medieval note in design. I particularly love capes/hoodies. I wish to buy more leather in the future. Black and shiny.

Hobbies, activities, interests:
I am a painter, I enjoy illustrating books for children and oddly enough I like reading them, I am occasional writer of haiku and other poetry (pls visit: www.writerscafe.org/oliverastudio) and most of all, I love drinking coffee in some cosy cafe with my sister for endless hours...

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any):
Orthodox Christian. Love Socrates and Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Goals, Dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):
All my short term goals are totally connected to long time goals, so I'll state them: occupational - to be ww recognized as a painter and personal: to find a love to die for. I already have friends which I tend to keep. Perhaps to add some new.

Do you consider yourself Gothic? Why or why not?
I was 15 when I realised I have not one single clothing piece other than black. Not even a lingerie. I didn't think at all about it before and it was the strangest sensation. I thought I was metalhead but I found out I somehow differ from others. I was a ghost story teller, catching frogs and scaring Barbie girls with them, enjoying heavy literature such as Dostoievsky, Crnjansky, Bulgakov, Poe, Domanovic, Baudelaire, have had medieval princess cut dresses when noone even knew about them... I didn't want to label myself but I did all that and people loved me or hated me - nothing grayish. 

How/why/when did you become freaky/Gothic?
Erm... In prenatal period - I didn't let my mother sleep at night - she went to endless night walks and I made her drink blackberry juice in gallons. 
And later, when I was thirteen. This is not a pose number. Some events occurred on summer just before my 13th birthday which stroke me badly and I discovered deep dark within myself. Don't get me wrong - I smile all the time - I am simply born dark.

In your opinion - what is Goth?
Being Goth is a philosophy of not accepting things just because TV said so, not accepting trends just to cut corners, to have your own opinion which makes you take the road less traveled and think outside the box and finally, to dress Goth - so people would know who are they dealing with. 

current mood: apathetic

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Sunday, November 11th, 2007
7:01 pm - Survey Stuff

Q: Name or lj handle:
A: Seb/Sebzy

Q: Age:
A: 27

Q: City/State/Country of residence:
A: Ireland/Dublin

Q: URL (if you have a web site):
A: http://www.sebastiandooris.com

Q: Length of time in the scene:
A: Over a decade

Q: Occupation:
A: IT Professional / Artist

Q: Education/academic achievement:
A: Degree and still studying

Q: Musical taste and favorite bands:
A: Bauhaus, Nick Cave, Sioux, Cure, Garbage, Alicia's attic, Daisy Chainsaw, And One, VNV Nation, APB, :Wumpscut many many more

Q: Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:
A: Dark Tall  Independent. Always dress to kill with the usual back attire. always seen at the end of the night singing on the dancefloor to nigh cave.

Q: Hobbies, activities, interests:
A: Photography,Study,Study,Study,Drinking,Photography

Q: Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any):
A: None I believe in life nothing more

Q: Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):
A: To be happy and find my true love and spend the rest of my life with them. (Not much to ask)

A: Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?
Q: I consider myself to be an individual that people class a goth, if the word goth never existed i would still be me still living as I live now.

Q: How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?
A: Now Idea when have always been this way must be genetic. Parents are anything but alternative my childhood was tough but nothing very bad. I am me and happy with me.

Q: In your opinion, what is Goth?
A: Nothing more than a word used by many people for something they do not and will never understand.

Q: Any Additional comments:
A: Nope a person of few words.

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
12:11 pm - Introduction

SurveyCollapse )

current mood: blah

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
10:56 pm

Name or lj handle:


City/State/Country of residence:
Seattle, Washington, USA

URL (if you have a web site):

Length of time in the scene:
basically since I was little


Education/academic achievement:
High School equivalency/GED

Musical taste and favorite bands:
Bauhaus, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk, Orbital, Future Sound Of London, The Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, 808 State, Public Enemy, Venetian Snares, Coil, New Order, The Cure, Underworld
Cerebral; Cognitive; Dense; Abstract; Experimental; Emergent; Dramatic; Noisy; Joyous
the sort of thing that sounds good on drugs
electronic dance music

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:
Blade Runner and William Gibson. Computer hacker from NYC circa 1991. Harajuku raver. Pansexual cyber-samurai. Crusty techno-rasta.

Hobbies, activities, interests:
Music. Playing, writing, collecting.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any):
Soto Zen, Upanishadic thought, Daoism

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):
To be a beautiful star and change the world. Total information awareness. Nirvana. A lasting peace. A collection of moments I can reflect upon and be happy about when I die. To not leave much garbage behind.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?
Not so much anymore, though people still say I am.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?
I always had trouble making friends and relating to my peers. As an elementary school student, I was most always completely alone, shunned by the other children and beside myself with grief because of it. As I grew into adolescence, this alienation grew steadily and climaxed in a furious explosion of shocking makeup, music and behavior.

In your opinion, what is Goth?
For people of my generation, Goth was the most prominent face of a floundering counter-culture; unassuming yet threatening, juvenile yet tragically all-too-aware and fundamentally separate from the mainstream.

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
7:12 pm

Name or lj handle:


City/State/Country of residence:
Southern California

URL (if you have a web site):
http://www.angelfire.com/ma2/xandalee (it hasn't been updated in years)

Length of time in the scene:
I expressed it the most about 10 years ago.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Education/academic achievement:
B.S. Microbiology/Medical Technology, Minor in Chemistry

Musical taste and favorite bands: Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Violent Femmes, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Howard Jones, Tricky, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Godsmack, BT

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:
I try to keep it stylish. Always black, but understated. Part of what I like about all things gothic is the decadence, so I like the feel of silks, sheers, etc. If it's artsy and feminine, I'll find a use for it.

Hobbies, activities, interests:
Art (drawing, painting), writing (songs, poetry, journals)

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any):
Born Catholic, but I will not follow it.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):
I've reached my educational and career goals. So for now, I'm looking towards investing in property, for the short-term. Long term, I'd be content to spend the rest of my life with someone I love.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?
I do, for the most part. The moody, artistic, emotional side of me says that I am, but I am a fairly content person at heart.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?
My life is full of events that have been handed to me, and I needed an outlet to express how I felt about it all. Goth allows me to express my anger, disappointment, and sadness. I make no excuses for people who use certain life events to stunt their development as human beings. The only reason I was able to make it so far, despite the fact that most thought I'd never amount to anything, was because I found something that echoed what I felt inside. It kept me sane in an insane world.

In your opinion, what is Goth?
Expressive art, whether it's a drawing, a painting, a song, or a poem. Anything that allows you to vent your emotions in a pure manner. All things that are darkly aesthetic is goth.

Any Additional comments:
I've always seen the Goths of my generation as some of the most accepting individuals I've ever met. Some of us have been looked down upon so much, that we are not willing to do that to another person. Acceptance is a value that is most Goth to me.

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Thursday, November 9th, 2006
8:20 pm - Intro./meme

Name or lj handle: visual_shadow

Age: 22

City/State/Country of residence: Munster, IN

URL (if you have a web site): Myspace.

Length of time in the scene: That depends on what "scene" you mean. To me there is a difference between "scene Goths" and just generally being Goth. "Scene Goths" in my opinion have always been the ones who dress up and go to clothes and when not talking "smack" about others, dance a whole lot. Those who are generally Goth make a life style out of it.

Occupation: I work at a theater.

Education/academic achievement: I graduated high school in '03 and I have a couple years of college under my belt.

Musical taste and favorite bands: Death in June, NON, Sopor Aeternus, Dancing Did, Bauhaus, The Cure, Fields of the Nephilim, PiL, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Cocteau Twins are a very short list of what I like go to my profile to view the rest.

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: Goth and deathrock (without looking like a Johnny Slut clone) generally.

Hobbies, activities, interests: Reading, writing, making art of some kind, smoking, listening to music, contemplating killing people, thinking, studying, eating, watching T.V. and movies.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): Not Paganism. lol Philiosophical wise I'm very cynical and nihilistic.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): Make enough money to be comfortable, get married, then die.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not? Yes, because well look at me!

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic? I *think* 7 years ago, or at least that. I stopped keeping count.

In your opinion, what is Goth? If you ask ten different Goths you'll get twn different answers. I'll throw out a really cliche answer and just say its a "state of mind", but thats not really accurate is it? It goes back to me talking about the differences between "scene Goths" and just plain "Goths". To some people its all about the music, others about fashion, and to others its about being a spooky social butterfly at clubs, events, and concerts. To answer your question though Goth to me is a subculture that started in 1979 were people wear a lot of black listen to post-punk and art-punk and be spooky, of course thats only the earliest type of Goth and the subculture has changed a lot since then and blah blah blah I'm not giving a lession on Goth 101. lol

And all that is what Goth is to me.

Any Additional comments: I wish someone would drool on my face.

Picture: Coming soon, but for now just look at my icon.

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Saturday, October 21st, 2006
3:02 am - GOTH SURVEY

Name or lj handle: atterlothe

Age: 34

City/State/Country of residence:
New England

URL (if you have a web site):

Length of time in the scene: 18 years

Occupation: university professor

Education/academic achievement: ivy-league Ph.D., academic publications, Fulbright scholar

Musical taste and favorite bands:
Virgin Prunes, Current 93, Faith and the Muse, Cure, Bauhaus, Dead Kennedys, Camper van Beethoven, Diary of Dreams, Miranda Sex Garden, Tear Garden, etc. Goth/Punk/Batcave/Postpunk/NewWave/GoodMusic(tm)

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:
Asymmetrical, naturally-curly hair, ear and lip pierced, armband tats from the Gundestrup Cauldron, ruffled shirts and regency-style attire with an occasional modern twist

Hobbies, activities, interests:
Travel, adventure, romance, teaching, writing, archaeology, art, reading, playing guitar/writing music, dancing like a demented ragdoll, DJ'ing, weightlifting, coffee

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any):
No affiliation, leaning toward work-related pagan material, but far from a religious mentality

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):
Tenure, continued research productivity, refining and recording my music, continued marital bliss

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?
Sure, because the scene was the first "perfect fit" I found for someone with my tastes and interests. I don't think we need to shun the use of the "g-word," but rather defend it.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?
It was always a tendency of mine...from a fascination with skulls, mummies, and medieval things when I was about three, to excavating such things since I was about twenty-three. The interest is more in the past than in death, a modern morgue has no more interest for me than for any average scientifically-inquisitive person. When I was about 16, my girlfriend introduced me to her goth friends, and I was surprised to learn I was not the only person my age with interests outside the typical "beer, drugs, and sports" mentality that characterized the high school mainstream.

In your opinion, what is Goth?
First of all, it is not a "dark lifestyle." There's very little dark in the lives of most goths I know, and when there is darkness, they, like everyone else, hope to move on and get over it.
Importantly, it is an expressive aesthetic. It's one thing to like sturm und drang, the romantic poets, or even cheesy halloweeny-stuff, and quite another to have a "dark lifestyle." Artists, poets, and philosophers, and intellectuals have always seemed "dark" in the eyes of the common people, but that is merely because they intend to recognize the human condition for what it is, instead of blissfully drinking the kool aid of self-deception. But this doesn't mean moping about it. Sadness for the state of things is a useless response unless channeled into creative expression. Being depressed about reality doesn't change it any more than Hippie jam sessions reformed the government. My pontificating does nothing about it either, but it makes me smile, so I won't refrain from such self-indulgence.

Any Additional comments:
Thanks for creating this survey. There is so much misinformation about the goth scene out there, and it's terrible to see such a wonderful world of aesthetics so maligned. The media have largely ignored the role the goth scene plays as an alternative to a mainstream culture that is often vapid and degenerate, misogynist, and sleazy.

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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
7:34 pm

Name or lj handle: invisichamesh (you can look at one of my journal entries for what a chamesh is).  On the net, I sometimes go by the name Mahirit.

Upperclassman in college

City/State/Country of residence:
Northeast USA

College Student/Tech support girl for my dorm

URL (if you have a web site): I have a personal one, but due to privacy issues, I won't post that.  Go to my journal for a few places to find some of my stuff.

Education/academic achievement:
Currently an undergrad in college.

Musical taste and favorite bands: I
listen to a random number of things, but some include Lacuna Coil, Lullacry, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Epica,  The Dreamside, Nightwish, Kamelot, My Chemical Romance, Jack Off Jill, and Ambeon.

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:
Well, I tend to dye my hair dark red, though I have done black before (not something I would repeat because it takes a lot to upkeep), and three piercings in my ear. I wear different things depending on my mood, time, and if I have to do laundry or not, but my style shifts from long skirts and femmine tops to capris and t-shirts to dark jeans and blouses.  I do wear a lot of black, followed by dark purple and blue.  However, I do have some other color/type of clothes and do wear them occasionally.  I also try to keep my skin as pale as possible by not getting a lot of sun (my skin is natually pale) and using the lightest foundation I can find.  As for makeup, I tend to line my eyes black, but that's about it (other than the foundation).  Probally the most defining thing about me is the fact that I wear a kippah, but that's a different story.

Hobbies, activities, interests:
I am active in my school's Jewish community, and I am attempting to teach myself how to play guirtar, build a webpage, and anything and everything I end up interested in at the moment.  I am also like to write (original and fanfiction), and like to read almost anything I find.  I'm always looking for computer related and Jewish related infomation.  I feel that the dark side of Christianity gets seen alot but not the dark, mystical, and very humanitarian side of Judiasim.  I also create things in photoshop in my free time, and am somewhat active in a fandom.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): I'm a Reform Jew, though I don't in any way fit what most people (Jewish or not) see that as.  I think I see the religion a little if not a lot differently than most, and while I follow some conventions of the religion, most of the meaning is from my 'studies'  into it. 

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):
I hope to finish college with some degree, and hopefully get a job that doesn't stink.  After that, well, who knows about what's going to happen within the year, let alone 5 years from now.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?  
Well, if I used my own definiton, yes.  However, I probally don't fit any mold anyone else could come up with associated to that label.  Lables are always used in a very narrow way unless used by the person themselves.  I have been called goth, and then again, there are many people who don't call me that.  I guess, the best way to state it is that I am a goth just as much as I'm a Jew.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?
I don't see myself as becoming 'gothic' as realizing that a lot of what 'goth' embodied reflected a lot of what I saw inside of me and a lot of what I admired.  However, I started physically reflecting that around my freshman year of college.

In your opinion, what is Goth? 
I see goth as a type of mindset and a way of living, a way of saying that I see that there is dark in the world along with light, but I am not afraid of either.  It's a way to transend a lot of the shallowness I see in popular culture, find meaning in what most people have learned to and want to ignore.  It's a way of seeing the world and all it is and trying to figure it out.  Some group must embody the dark and difference most people try to ignore, and that's where I think goth fits in, no matter how your define it personally. 

current mood: busy

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Thursday, September 14th, 2006
3:50 pm - Upcoming Show

upcoming show, see flyers for detailsCollapse )

current mood: artistic

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Monday, March 20th, 2006
11:02 pm - Me is Gothic...
alicedreams Name or lj handle: Sara


City/State/Country of residence: FL/USA

URL (if you have a web site): my photobucket account as DreamingSyndrome

Length of time in the scene: um, officially 2yrs & 3/4ths of a year

Occupation: Jr.High student (well, officially it's a middle school, but 'Jr. high' sounds much more elegant)I GRADUDATE THIS YEAR!

Education/academic achievement: Elementary school, Chamber of Commerce seminars, Creative writer's club, Speech & debate club, Chorus & drama

Musical taste and favorite bands: Japanese music, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, movie soundtracks,Serial Experiments Lain soundtrack, Pink, Franz Ferdinand, The Acadamy Is, The Cure, eighties music, L'Arc~En~Ciel

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: I dress Victorian-esque, indie, or vampy. I temp-dye my hair sometimes. two piercings, one on each ear. I'd like a lip piercing.. I wear wigs sometimes, masses of hairclips, hats, or regular. I don't do make-up on Saturdays or vacations.

Hobbies, activities, interests: SNOGGING, art,dance, poetry, acting, singing Opera,eating,sleeping, dreaming,collecting information, movie quotes, studying, movies, MUSIC , my PC

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): I believe that you should believe in yourself, not to pre-judge others, and I know in my heart what is right and what's wrong. In short, i'm an atheist. I used to be a Catholic even though I never knew what it meant.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): to be a creator, rich, famous, beautiful, to publish several books, to write inspiring poetry, to teach, to become a mother (a happily wed one), to NOT die a virgin, to become as wise as a person may ever be, and to leave an impression on this world before I leave it.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not? Gothic can be anything...it's a vast horizon. I am. All gothic is, is an urge to create and a deeper understanding. Beyond that, it's what you make of it. So I am. And I'm happy.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic? I was a tomboy,in the third grade, which my peers rendered freaky...and have been teased now and then.
Did I mention that 'Beetlejuice' was my FAVORITE cartoon network show since I was six?

In your opinion, what is Goth? I *just* told you! All gothic is, is an urge to create and a deeper understanding. Beyond that, it's what you make of it.

Any Additional comments:
Please don't underestimate me because I'm young, I'm just a girl trying to express herself.

current mood: Artsy

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006
7:39 pm

Nokturnal returns from the dead!

Reincarnated this coming Tuesday at The Bugle, on Friar Street, Reading – known for a great atmosphere and decent beer. Extended hours of 2000 til 0000 and still totally free entry! With regular DJ Simon Penguin and guest DJs Roj and Eviscera.

Our future dates are:
Thursday 6th april
Thursday 4th may
Then every first Thursday of the month.

Want to know more? Try www.geocities.com/nokturnalclub for all our setlists or join us at www.livejournal.com/community/nokturnalclub or groups.yahoo.com/group/nokturnalclub depending on what floats your boat.

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
12:49 pm

Name or lj handle:
Alison, nicknames include; “Corbie”, “JeBuZ” and “GAAAWWWWDDDAH!”. LJ handle is _spero_melior_ obviously, Latin for “I hope for better things.”

Age: 19, coming on 20.

City/State/Country of residence: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

URL (if you have a web site): www.livejournal.com/users/_spero_melior_

Length of time in the scene: 20 years I suppose, I was an active member of Edinburgh’s “alternative” and Goth scene for 7 years- I deserted it sometime last year.

Occupation: Administrative Assistant/Aspired comedy writer.

Education/academic achievement: In High School I had 3 poems published and one short story. I won the Kist “young writer” award two years in a row.

Musical taste and favorite bands: I can’t say I have a musical “taste” as I don’t go for genres so much as I do inspiring bands. My trends tend to follow the psychedelic rock/punk/post-punk/goth pathways. My all time top five favourite bands are Bauhaus, Velvet Underground, The Cure, Joy Division/New Order and Idlewild.

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: I’m a very casual dresser, I never go for anything I see as “over the top”. I don’t wear a lot of make-up because frankly I hate the stuff. I tend to go for long shirts under aged, torn and out of shape obscure band t-shirts and comfortable trousers of any colour. However, when I feel like it I can be a classy wee lass.

Hobbies, activities, interests: I am obsessed with comedy, I have been for a few years now, I am also a very avid puppeteer (Jim Henson eat your heart out!) as well as a fire-poi spinner. BWUAHAHAHA! I tend to spend the winter months indoors, watching telly and smoking/drinking excessive amounts. In the summer I tend to spend my time smoking/drinking excessive amounts and putting on illegal performances during the festival.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): I’m Agnostic. I don’t know if there’s a God or not, I’m sure I’ll find out when I die.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): I want to write a semi-successful comedy for the BBC.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not? Yes I do. I’m quite a dark and broody person, I listen to post-punk, goth-rock most of the time. I have a favourite graveyard (which I love for reasons you cannot comprehend!), I live in a very dark gothic city and I embrace this every time I step out of the door. I think Andrew Eldritch is a wanker, and I wept when I met Peter Murphy.. I’m still excited about it to be honest.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic? : My mother brought me up with the music and the fashion. When I was 8 I started to think for myself and stole my mother’s CD’s over my dads. I wanted my mum’s hair because it was “fluffy” and this is also the year I fell in love with The Cure.

In your opinion, what is Goth? One of the world’s biggest misconceptions.

Any Additional comments:

James O’Barr looks EXACTLY like MeatLoaf.

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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
11:56 am - "Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade. They have their seasons, so do we."

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Sunday, August 28th, 2005
2:37 am - Gothicfest Update

Gothicfest has just sold 2000,00 tickets...wow! Fallen Eve 1334 will be hosting with Sludge from morning 94.7 the zone and EXV YZ from Finland as well...doing giveways from Metropolis Records, Underground Inc, Arsenic Fashions, Paul C. Leather, Underground Aristrocracy and various others...go to http://www.gothicfest for all givewaways and more info about this awesome event!
Metropolis Records and Underground Inc giveaways include The birthday Massacre cd's and Critical Mass Collection 2 cd's, summer sampler for all Underground Inc artists as well as free various posters from Metropolis Records for various artists consisting of Grendyl, Dismantled, Project Pitchfork, Combichrist,Wumpcut and various others...too exciting to even explain...come to Gothicfest to get lots of goodies...and maybe even to win a free all expense trip to Transylvania and a visit to Vlad the Impaler's (Dracula's) castle as mentioned through history.
Tickets for Gothicfest are available through all ticketmasters, event is all ages and is $32.50. This event is all ages and starts from 11 in the morning till 12 midnight on Saturday, September 17th, 2005.
Terminal Bliss, Ghost Orgy and Rachael's Surrender has been added to the bill.
Vendors still needed contact the website if you want to vend.
Ninety Ninth Floor, Gothic Council of Chicago, Fangoria Magazine, Nicolaus Paccione, Paul C. Leather, Vampire wine and energy drinks, Mk Ultra Magazine, Lollypop Magazine, De Facto Clothing, Heavy Red, The Dungeon, Projekt Records and various more expected to vend.

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
1:15 am
radio_x Name or lj handle: Radio-X

Age: 18

City/State/Country of residence: Charlottesville, VA

URL (if you have a web site): none

Length of time in the scene: 2 years

Occupation: Media

Education/academic achievement: Does surviving high school count?

Musical taste and favorite bands: I am quite diverse in musical tastes. I have over 2,000 songs in my personal library...most of it being 80's

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: I tend to dress for comfort. So usually you can find me in a black tee, pants (not jeans), boots, and some interesting overshirt I picked up at the thrift store. All I do in winter is add an old overcoat to the mix

Hobbies, activities, interests: Music, cars, daydreaming

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): Devout atheist

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): To be further south with a fun job and a very caring S.O.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not? I don't consider myself goth. The only people who befriended me were goths and other eccentrics. I suppose after being around them for awhile, I picked up the traits. I guess it all boils down to: If it looks like a duck and hangs out with other ducks, it ain't a platypus!

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic? I was teased and made fun of. All I was looking for were a group of people who would harbor my beliefs and accept me for who I am, and that's where I am now

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Sunday, July 24th, 2005
8:52 pm

Name or lj handle: Jason "Xaer0Knight"
AOL: zerr00
Yahoo IM: wood_elves
audioscrobbler.com: xaer0knight

Age: 23

City/State/Country of residence: Chincoteague, VA

URL (if you have a web site): http://mysite.verizon.net/xaer0knight

Length of time in the scene: 7 years

Occupation: Carpenter's Helper

Education/academic achievement: A+ Certification, High School (grad of 2000), and 1 yr of Technical School

Musical taste and favorite bands: Darkwave, Synthpop, Industrial, J-pop, Nu-Metal, Bands like: BlutenGel, KMFDM, Lame Immortelle, Oomph!, Assemblage 23, VNV Nation, Colony 5, The Birthday Massacre

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: well, i dont dress gothic all the time, especially since im at a 8hr/day 40hr/wk job. I love my Illig pants, band t-shirts, and always have a bookbag with patches and buttons on it, with CDs in it, and a digital camera/nintendo DS/CD player/my cell phone. I live on an island so i tend to bike everywere, its cheaper. i havent dyed my hair black in over a year, or any other funky color in over 2 years. I ocassionally wear fishnets, buckled boots, or some spikes. But when it comes to pants or other accessories, who the hell has the money to buy HotTopic all the time, i fequent gothicauctions.com or ebay.com or i do make my own stuff

Hobbies, activities, interests: DJing, Biking, finding new music, making mixed CDs for friends, Anime, Magic: TG, Nintendo games, Vampire Folklore, Vampire: The Masqurade

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): Metaphysical growth... knowing that everyone has an ability to feel energy and use that energy to help things. called Ki energy.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): To own a Pawn Shop or to work a computer Job... move to Charlottesville, VA.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not? Gothic is a style and a musical genre. Does it make me a goth because i like Darkwave or does it make me person because i like it. Humans for ages have been labeling things to make it easy to remember them. I do dress up in Illig pants that people call them GOTHIC but i love the style. i would consider that gothic. Im not depressed all the time, everyone has there moments in life. I on an occassion will go to a graveyard to see the nice artwork, and the energy at a graveyard is nice, most people consider that gothic. do i wear black all the time, no because were i work it would be stupid to wearblack, i do were other colors. I do pant my nails, black, blue, silver, red, or copper sometimes... it helps me to stop biting them. Do i consider myself goth... sometimes, its the easy way to describe myself

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic? why? havent a clue, ive always been facinated with vampiric powers, the legends. How, well its all about the style, ive always like black, its been one of my favorite colors, i liked spiked necklaces and other gothic accessories. even as far as like dominatrix. i guess i was about 16 when i started to get into bands like Marylin Manson, korn, and other bands at the time that were considered gothor what i considered... i was growing up and still likeing the black, style, and vampires so i experemented with finding other bands, goth websites, and other resources like clubs and just networking.

In your opinion, what is Goth? A goth is a person who is intelligent, likes black, has intrest in vampires, the occult, folklore. A freespirit, to me the main thing is "Goth is all about the style and the music, not feelings of death or depression" You dont have to have an affentity for death, blood, satanism, or the occult to be gothic. Gothic is a sytle of clothes and music.

Any Additional comments:

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
7:09 pm - all my crap


Name or lj handle: Lisa. PurpleBat1982. aol: LadyLaraHCroft


Age: 23

City/State/Country of residence: Fife, Scotland

URL (if you have a web site): i have some

Length of time in the scene: complicated,i've always been goth inside & had the "black phase" when i was about 11, & have always found everything "goth" interesting & reverted in & out. But i got more into the scene properly about 2 years ago.i don't do nightclubs,(if thats whats ment) i feel like i'm too old for it, i prefer going to the pub.

Occupation: Fashion Business Student, artist, aspiring author & newbie alt model

Education/academic achievement:                                                                                                                 1 year nursary school                                                                                                                                   7 years primary school                                                                                                                                 5 years high school ( 8 GCSE's, 7 National Certificate Modules, 1 short course)                                           2 years college Art & Design (National Certificate)                                                                                       1 &1/2 years college Business Administration (National Certificate & Higher National certificate module)                                                                                                                                                       1 year college Fashion Business (Higher National Certificate) i go back for another year in september(Higher National Diploma)& then 4 years at university (Degree).

Musical taste and favorite bands: goth rock, alternative rock, 50's swing, 80's pop, 80's new romantic, 80's electro, metal, ambiant horror, 70's & 80's rock, mowtown, some rap & rnb. some stuff i listen to is: The Rasmus, Aha, H.I.M, The Cure, Savage Garden, Michael Jackson, White Snake, The Rat Pack, Darren Hayes, Billy Idol, Adam & The Ants, Culture Club, The Smiths, tATu, Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte, Green Day, The Jackson 5, Cindy Lauper, Black Sabbath, Nightwish, 3T, Julliet & the Licks, Deep Purple, Kelly Osbourne, Barry Manillow, Midnight Syndicate, Korn, U2, Forigner, 5 Star, Kajigoogoo, Cher, Linkin Park, Eveanescence, Pink, Amy Studt. i listen to everything from Dean Martin to the Kidney Theivs really. i HATE stuff like like Britney Spears, or Slipknot, Westlife, Robbie Williams or Placebo i don't like it.

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance:  naturally VERY pale & i try to avoid the sun since i burn.5 tattoos with more planned. labrette (middle lip peircing).ALWAYS wear newrock boots with everything,corsets/basks,floor length skirts,riped fishnet,lots of bangles,usually only wear black or purple or black with purple accessories or bright pink accesories. a lot of things with d-rings & chains on them, studded jewellry,puter bat tied on neck, dog collars, & layered necklaces(not too many i don't do the mrT thing lol),i have purple,magenta pink & bluest black hair with an undercut. some days i wear full legth mercy skirts, other days i'm in tripp nyc mini skirts, on occaisons i wear criminal damage skater pants, slogan baby doll t-shirts, omen mesh tops, corsets, gypsy skirts, it depends on my mood i like a lot of accessories & enjoy clothes.

Hobbies, activities, interests:  i'm a Tomb Raider Obsessive. i love to draw & paint & write. going long walks up the woods, collect pictures of alternative models from online, purple things, bats. angelina jolie movies, horror movies, clothes,candel magik,Tim Burton movies, alternative fashion, reading, pen pals, surfing the net, video games, ghosts, La Fee vert, climbing, fighting, eyptology, tattoos, shopping, water balloon fights, going to the cinema, going to the pub, researching stuff, modeling, music, singing, vampires, parahnormal, knives, bb guns, shopping, myths & legends, hamsters...are they a hobbie? i love hamsters. i have a website but it needs updating desperatly, gothic beauty magazine i LOVE it. i like to do housework for my grandad, something thereputic about vaccuming.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): i'm a less active Latter Day Saint, Morrmon. from a non practising protestant family (my dads family are catholic). religiously i guess i'm a bit of a mutt. i do believe that everyone has their own truth & religion is a personal thing, i respect ALL religions & find religion as a whole fasinating. i think that religious ignorance causes a lot of preduduce, & hatred. we will all find out who's right when we're dead huh, so why fight about who's religion is right & who's is wrong. i also see dead people...no seriously, i have a male presence (not very nice) that has been with me since i was a child, i saw my gran, i get breez's of floral smells passing me, theres a black cat runs around my living room, & theres a female presence that likes to turn my tv off.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational):  do degree in fashion business, have own business in fashion & accesories, continue selling my artwork, do modeling, write my tomb raider book & gothic fairy tales book, go back to church, do rock climbing, body combat, kick boxing, learn to ride a horse, see the world, get married, have a nice house (my version of nice), do a degree & mabe further in egyptology, go on an archeology dig, buy a lizard some more hamsters, 2 rats, a gunia pig & a chinchilla. be happy. see the world, try out lots of different things. i don't wanna be rich, i don't wanna be famous. i wanna be prosperous & happy making money from things i like doing & sharing my life with the man that i love. 

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?   i consider myself to be ME 1st & gothic 2nd. goth is such a varied thing now, i wouldn't say i was traditional goth, or vampire goth, or cyber goth, & i hate to be tared with the same brush as moshers & skatergoths & the slipknot hoodie crew. i'm appreciative of the darker sides of human nature & of the world, i find a lot of unconventional things beautiful, like tattoos , bats, peircings, coloured hair, night time, pumpkins, halloween sterio type items, underlying things...like...things that society know are their but prefer to sweap under the carpet. i like to ask questions rather than accept things, i like to be creative, & i LOVE alternative fashions. silly things like...some people think the movie the crow is a horror movie but i see it as a love story, i think vampires are romantic, i find people in heavy dark make up sexy.is that goth in your opinion? well i am what i am. i have a diary entry on it here: a sterio typical gothic day lol. (saturday july 16 2005)

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?  it's something inside me. it's always been there...ask my mum lol. like i explained earlyer about how long, i gues thats how why & when.i don't do it as a social thing, most of my friends are so called mainstreamers so i don't do it to be like them either, i'm not trying to be different either cuz the more you proffess to be different the more you look like most goths anyway, life would be so much simpler if i wore jeans & t-shirts that say "princess" on them since i live in a small town (very narrow minded), i don't chose to be what i am, i just chose to be myself rather than hide it. it's just something i am.

In your opinion, what is Goth?  again see: a sterio typical gothic day lol. (saturday july 16 2005) to me, it is a wide vary of things. but a culture, a lifestyle with it's own media, literature, films, some could say music too, fashions. i think goth is something you don't chose to be, it's something you are. like being gay i guess you are what you are but wether you chose to embrace what you are or show it to the world is the choice that you do have. it's a generaly misrepresented, missunderstood, culture stigmatised with ideas of satanism, & violent suicidal teens, a phase, a fashion, & little kids calling people townies doesn't help :o) goth is so diverse there's no one thing that identifys everyone together. i don't do things because someone might consider them goth &  i wouldn't do something to conform to a collective groups opinion ...even goth. goth by other names has been around for centuarys.

Any Additional comments:  my mother loves that i am goth, she loves the clothes & the make up & thinks the dodgie looks i get when we're out shopping are funny. she clings onto my arm sometimes when i'm getting dodgie looks & says "yes she's mine & she's beautiful" lol lol. it's great to have a supportive Parent...plus it's funny lol.

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
7:52 pm - Introduction Post for Jazz

Name or lj handle: My "real life" name is Jazz. My LJ name is Twilight358. On AOL, I am HeMaTiTe333.

Age: 17 years young.

City/State/Country of residence: Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. My dad was in the Marine Corps so we moved around. Am currently in Jacksonville, Florida.

URL (if you have a web site): None at the moment.

Length of time in the scene: lol. 0 in the actual club scene because there aren't any All-Ages Goth clubs around here. 4 to 5 years into the subculture.

Occupation: Student. Editor of my school newspaper.

Education/academic achievement: I passed all of my A.P. classes. ;)

Musical taste and favorite bands: My favorite bands are Rasputina, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Devics, Voltaire, Faith and the Muse, Diary of Dreams, Ministry, Switchblade Symphony,and Persphone.

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: I am African- Japanese American, so in a sea of pale faces I think that would count as a distinction. My look tends toward more of a romantic look versus the Hot Topic cheap bondage look. I make my own jewelery. Sometimes I mix things up and add ethnic fabrics. Weird thing about my hair is that depending on what area of it you're looking at its one of these colors; black, brown, red, or white. Yep,I'm 17 and I have white hair.

Hobbies, activities, interests: Pissing off my mom, Reading, writing, choir, painting, making accessories, and making out with Jake.

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): I am an non-Wiccan Pagan. My path is eclectic. My pantheons are Greco-Roman, Egyptian, West African,Hawaiian, and Shinto.

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): Graduate from high school, get into college, and become more active in my local community.

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not? I don't consider myself fully goth. I'm still a young'un.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic? lol. In eighth grade there was a girl named Jamie who would get bullied by some real bitchy chicks. Basically, I told them off and Jamie and I became friends. She ended up moving across the street from me. She slowly introduced me to Goth music and I became interested in the subculture from there.

In your opinion, what is Goth? Goth is being able to live life as yourself fully and without any guilt or doubts. Goth to me is being able to face your fears, overcome them, and make fun of them (and yourself in the process.

Any Additional comments:
I hope to have somefun with this community.

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