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Name or lj handle: Larry / larrycar

Age: 20

City/State/Country of residence: Massachusetts

URL (if you have a web site):

Length of time in the scene: 3 years

Occupation: Clerk/Student/Tech Support

Education/academic achievement: Some college

Musical taste and favorite bands: Eclectic. Favorite goth bands include but not limited to The Cult, Dead Can Dance, Voltaire, Doc Horror, Kommunity FK, Penis Flytrap, Zombina and the Skeletones

Describe your personal look, style or distinctions in your appearance: Long brown hair, camo pants or blue jeans, black band t-shirts, naturally-grown fangs, overweight.

Hobbies, activities, interests: Concerts, computers, art, music, videogames, furry and goth subculture, sci-fi, anime, percussion and wind instruments, to name a few..

Spiritual/philosophical/religious affiliation (if any): Neo-Pagan, Deist/Pantheist

Goals, dreams (long/short term, personal/occupational): Graduating college, marrying my current girlfriend, getting a house, going for my masters degree, having kids, moving southwest..

Do you consider yourself gothic? Why or why not?: I'm not so much part of the scene anymore as I just like going to the clubs and enjoying the energy. I don't wear the clothes that the materialists believe makes me goth, and I don't constantly listen to the goth rock music anymore, but I still like it. If I had the money and the time, I'd probably get more into it.

How/why/when did you become freaky/gothic?: How? I discovered the scene through some friends when I was 17 and started attending a club as soon as I turned 18. Why? It's interesting. When? I just said when.

In your opinion, what is Goth?: It's not what you wear, it's the music you're into, and not a state of mind. I wish more people would understand that it's not a fucking fashion show like a lot of teens assume.

Any Additional comments: Hello.

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January 31 2009, 22:31:10 UTC 9 years ago

i absoluty love doctor who.